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TYGON® Peristaltik-Schlauch E-LFL


  • longest flex life of any clear Tygon® tubing
  • broad chemical resistance
  • can be autoclave
  • extremely low particulate spallation
  • meets USP Class VI, ISO 10993, NSF-51 and FDA criteria

  • reduces downtime due to pump failure
  • excellent for laboratory applications
  • suitable for high purity applications
  • reliable for sensitive-fluid applications
  • suitable for pharma, medical and food applications


Development of new Tygon® Long Flexible Life (E-LFL) tubing has been driven by emerging global and regional regulations, such as Europe’s REACH, EU Food directives and California Prop 65 as well as customer perceptions regarding the use of Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) in flexible tubing products. We are replacing the original Tygon® LFL with the new non-DEHP tubing part of our commitment to our customers for products’ safety and quality. The new Tygon® E-LFL Non-DEHP tubing is our best performing peristaltic pump tubing and has no industry equivalent.
The new tubing utitilizes entirely bio-based plasticizers. Tygon® E-LFL has been tested rigorously to ensure that it meets the same physical standards, including 1,000 hours of peristaltic pump tubing life at 0 psi back pressure, low particulate spallation and chemical resistance as the old Tygon® LFL tubing.
Non-DEHP Formulation Tygon® Tubing Provides Optimal Peristaltic Pump Performance
Crystal-clear Tygon® E-LFL tubing is formulated specifically for use in peristaltic pump applications. The new Tygon® E-LFL non-DEHP tubing has even longer pump life not only at 0 psi but also at back pressure of up to 25 psi. The peristaltic pump life performance at different back pressures is shown on the back page. With its superior flex life characteristics, Tygon® E-LFL tubing reduces production downtime due to pump tubing failure. Our tests demonstrated reduced particle spallation, which eliminates the need for frequent downstream filter replacement and diminishes the risk of sensitive-fluid contamination. This is critical in several applications, such as pharmaceutical, high purity chemicals, cosmetics and food.
Various Benefits of Using non-DEHP Tygon® Long Flexible Life Tubing
The non-aging and broad chemical resistance properties of Tygon® E-LFL enable users to utilize the new tubing for transferring chemicals, cleaning agents and bactericides without danger of corrosion (as with metals) or oxidation (as with rubber). Tygon® E-LFL is safe and non-toxic and can be sterilized through conventional autoclave methods (steam 30 minutes at 15 psi. 121º C) and EtO (Ethylene Oxide), making it an excellent choice for high purity applications. It can be produced in up to a 6" (15.6 cm) inside diameter, ideal for bulk transfer applications.


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Variationen Anfrage

BezeichnungArtikelnummerFarbcodeInnen Ø mmAußen Ø mmNenn Ø mmLiefer Ø mmWanddicke mmAnz. StopperEinheitLagerMindestabnahmePreisMenge
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706203orange-blau0.250.90212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706303orange-blau0.250.90312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706204orange-grün0.380.90212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706304orange-grün0.380.90312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706205orange-gelb0.510.90212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706305orange-gelb0.510.90312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706206orange-weiß0.640.90212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706306orange-weiß0.640.90312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706207schwarz-schwarz0.760.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706307schwarz-schwarz0.760.85312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706208orange-orange0.890.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706308orange-orange0.890.85312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706209weiß-weiß1.020.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706309weiß-weiß1.020.85312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706210rot-rot1.140.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706310rot-rot1.140.85312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706211grau-grau1.300.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706311grau-grau1.300.85312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706212gelb-gelb1.420.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706312gelb-gelb1.420.85312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706213gelb-blau1.520.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706313gelb-blau1.520.85312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706214blau-blau1.650.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706314blau-blau1.650.85312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706215grün-grün1.850.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706315grün-grün1.850.85312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706216violett-violett2.060.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706316violett-violett2.060.85312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706217violett-schwarz2.290.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706317violett-schwarz2.290.85312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706218violett-orange2.540.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706318violett-orange2.540.85312 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706219violett-weiß2.790.85212 St.
TYGON®-Schlauch E-LFL3706319violett-weiß2.790.85312 St.
* Angaben in mm.

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TYGON® Peristaltik-Schlauch E-LFL
* Angaben in mm.

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